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Top-Down Vision

Embracing a transformational vision and seeking opportunities to improve enterprise-wide data literacy is crucial for establishing a progressive data culture in the organization.

Incept can establish a relationship with the executive-level client sponsors to influence their strategy and help them adopt data driven transformative culture by formulating a framework for a multi-phased program with several use cases.

Steps that Incept takes to prepare the environment for effective data governance and management

  1. Driving an enterprise-wide analyst optimization program for critical reporting data assets.
  2. Implementing governance and stewardship to expand the program.
  3. Establishing data quality access control and report certification.
  4. Managing regulatory compliance.
  5. Helping in cloud data management and workload migration.

Capability Pyramid

Identifying the role we play in the implementation of a holistic vision is just as important as crafting that vision for a client. The extent of our contribution is based on your needs as well as our practice areas. Each of the practice areas contain certain capabilities.

The following figure represents four levels of capabilities.

Incept has a broad, multi-phased catalogue program which is powered by skilled operatives and distinguished capabilities in multiple practice areas. This lends us the kind of depth needed to handle long-term projects with multi-year billings.

Why Alation

The agile movement of a business requires the free flow of information across the organization. The wall between data handlers and business users is quite counter-intuitive in the era of self-service analytics. Data democratization is the need of the hour. 

Business users need a way to access information simply by searching for it through natural language, without IT involvement. 

Data cataloging makes it possible, and Alation has led the Gartner magic quadrant for data cataloging five years in a row. 

Our Expertise

Asset Loading and Curation

A properly designed and configured catalog includes an interrelated set of assets that provide value for a broad number of technical and non-technical users. These include business terms, business metrics, business function descriptions, application descriptions, business descriptions of data sources, schemas, columns, reports, etc. The catalog does a great job of automatically populating metadata for BI reports, API and data sources, but customers need help loading, cleaning up, and interrelating all the other assets. Typically, it’s stored in a pile of Excel files, Word doc, homegrown tools, and the customer is too busy to dig it out and load it into the catalog.

We understand your need for a consolidated and easily accessible representation of your data assets. Business metrics, business function descriptions, schemas, columns, API and data sources, among other assets need to be organized with a properly designed and configured catalog. However, all this information is usually scattered across excel sheets and documents making it a tedious and painstaking process to load it into the catalog.

Incept can deploy a small team equipped with the necessary skills to move through each functional area and load your assets into the catalog. Our team can revise your content to ensure conformation to the catalog standards and organize it in a taxonomy that is consistent across the enterprise thus also creating subject area glossaries.

Catalog Administration

Some organizations are not staffed with someone who can play the role of catalog administrator. They need someone who can manage and optimize the environment and application as their user population rapidly increases.

A rapidly growing user population necessitates optimization of the catalog application and environment. You need a dedicated administrator to handle this requirement. Incept can deploy a full-time catalog administrator who can monitor the environment, optimize the application to enable seamless growth and ensure maximum up-time.

Governance Program Implementation

Starting with defining the organization structure, roles, processes, policies, all the way to configuration, and rollout of the catalog, all of these are different crucial aspects of data governance. And you will need all the assistance you can get to implement data governance smoothly and successfully.

Incept can assemble a multi-disciplinary team featuring a governance lead and architect, chief catalog steward, catalog administrator, analytics developer, among others. Our team can conduct a multi-phased operation to implement data governance, one business function at a time.

Data Quality Implementation

Do you trust your data? Have you ensured the consistency of data influxing from various sources? Data quality programs are multi-layered, time consuming, as well as absolutely necessary for creating value.

We can help you establish the data quality standards, rules, and policies, and set scores, and dashboards. We offer multi-phased implementation of data quality based on the data sources and perform integration with the data catalog.

Data Mesh Program Implementation

Data mesh helps your organization escape the analytical and consumptive limitations posed by a centralized data management framework. The catalog platform can be used to implement a data mesh. We can deploy a multi-disciplinary team including a data mesh architect, catalog content specialist, chief catalog steward, change management lead, to help you achieve this.

Training Development & Training

The successful usage of catalog is dependent on the training of the users. Many organizations do not have the resources to train their staff to handle the catalog designed for their specific purposes. Instead, they depend on generic material for training.

We can help you get around this problem by curating customized training content for general users, data scientists, and administrators. We can also deploy a staff trainor who will ensure the consistent training of all functions and departments.

Data Access Management Implementation

Incept can help you extend the data catalog enabling you to request access to a specific data source. We will use a workflow tool to achieve this with the help of a solution architect and a developer. We can in fact, identify other opportunities of integration and expansion to empower the catalog program further.

Regulatory Compliance Program Implementation

Strict adherence to regulatory policies like GDPR and CCPA is quite crucial for any data driven organization. Regulatory compliance has to be maintained and monitored for every data domain, business area, or business capability.

Incept can assemble a team featuring compliance lead, catalog steward, catalog content specialist, and administrator among others to implement compliance. It can be an independent multi-phased operation or an extension of the general data governance program.

Cloud Data Migration Program Implementation

An increasing number of companies are migrating their workloads and data assets from legacy data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud. The data catalog plays a crucial role in determining the data source, lineage, and thus in the performance of data migration.

Incept’s multi-disciplinary team consisting of a program lead, lead architect, migration lead, migration analyst, SQL developers, and BI lead, among others can take over the cloud data migration program and ensure a seamless execution. The team ensures fast, error free, migration, while maintaining compliance and security.

Lineage Integration

Representing a cross-system lineage is often among the wish lists of organizations. However, they are hard pressed to find the time and resources needed to lay down an architecture for the same.

Incept can come in with a solution architect, and a development specialist (other specialists if need be) and develop a cross-system lineage using the Alation Lineage API.

Data Source Custom Integrations

Customers often want to load metadata, perform query log ingestion, and load descriptions from sources that Alation does not provide a connector for.

You may want to perform query log ingestion, load descriptions from sources, and load metadata. Alation does not provide a connector for this. Nevertheless, Incept can build a data source feed depending upon your needs. Our architect can deploy the Alation data source API to achieve this.

Master & Reference Data Cataloging

It is important for every organization to represent master data sources and reference data in the catalog. It is equally crucial to lay down the master data process and reference data cross-mapping in a way that is easily comprehensible for users.

Incept can help you catalog master data sources systematically and securely while also cataloging reference data and cross-mapping it to related columns.

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