Use Case Discovery

How Incept can help you?

As many as 90% of data governance initiatives fail at the first attempt. One of the most cited reasons is the inability to identify and attack definitive use cases.

We have helped many businesses across industries build and sustain a robust data governance framework, and the first significant step has always been to identify a use case that connects to a business problem.

Over the last decade we have formulated a methodology of finding the best use cases for a data governance initiative based on a balanced scorecard of value and complexity.

A methodical approach to use case discovery
We start by identifying certain levers that rank high in terms of value. Then we score the complexity involved in treating them as data governance use cases.
How do we rate value?

There are three general determinants of value.

  • A gain in revenue
  • A reduction in cost
  • Convenience in regulatory compliance

We assess the operating model of a business, study their existing model of data handling, and create a heatmap to identify the most valuable use cases.

Key steps involved in the process of use case discovery

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