A planned and structured approach is essential for successful operationalization of a data governance and privacy programme. The objective is to create a scalable approach that supports the growing acceptance and expansion of the DG initiatives.

Data governance and
privacy roadmap

Laying down a fully operational data governance framework can take months if not years of well planned tactical moves. It is important to tackle the initial obstacles such as a lack of shared knowledge of data across the organization and isolated interpretations of data.

The following steps are to

  • Identify and prioritize focus areas
  • Bring participants onboard
  • Develop initial operating procedures

After designing the foundational layout, the pilot processes are executed. The organization undergoes certain changes in terms of technology and culture.


The success of a data governance initiative is dependent on the fruitful collaboration of business users, data leaders, and data governance experts. Onboarding the appropriate resources at the right time is critical.

Identifying the requirements for a certain phase in the data governance journey and deploying the right assets need to happen like clockwork.

Roles such as application specialists, business project managers, data architects, and data stewards, among others hold seminal importance in the data governance journey.

Best practices

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