Incept with its long-term partnership with Collibra, can align every person, team, and system throughout your company with accurate, trusted data — uniting people with facts and sparking the ideas that fuel your business.

Why Collibra

Finding suitable answers to the questions built around the relevance and quality of data takes time and effort. Problems shift shape and gain complexity as the organization grows, necessitating a metadata management platform that is robust enough to help you tackle the situation and scalable enough to accommodate growth.

  • Collibra helps you formulate a shared language for data assets within your organization. 
  • It lets you automate data governance and stewardship tasks allowing scalability as the business grows.
  • You can easily integrate previous workflows and business processes and make a smooth transition.
  • Collibra has been leading the Gartner magic quadrant for metadata management solutions for five years. It shows excellent consistency and adaptability in a fast-moving world. 

Certified and Experienced

Incept’s Collibra Certified and Experienced consultants can develop a data strategy, methodology, and architecture for finding relevant data and discovering its true meaning to the organization.

We can streamline your business by driving strategic decisions with certified reports,

automating data privacy governance, automated data quality, and eliminate data challenges.

Team Incept can help you design the data landscape with enterprise-wide Data Intelligence Cloud and an integrated data catalog.

Services offered

  • Data Governance Roadmap
  • Collibra Proof of Concept
  • Collibra Adoption and User Training
  • Collibra LOB Onboarding Framework
  • Dashboards – Relevant content for LOB’s
  • Logical Data Dictionaries
  • Policies & Standards
  • Data Sets – Curation, Classification (Privacy, Security), Tagging, Certification, Ratings, Data Access/Shopping
  • Metamodel Design and customization
  • Workflow development
  • Custom Integration
  • Data Governance maturity assessment
  • Data Quality Implementation
  • Reference Data Management
  • Collibra Catalog Development and Integration
  • Business Glossary

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