How Incept Builds upon and Augments the Informatica Data Governance Starter Pack

From Business Problems to Use Cases – Kickstarting Data Governance the right way
May 6, 2014
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May 8, 2014
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The data governance starter pack is your best bet for kick starting a data governance implementation. Incept takes the complexity out of it and creates a precise solution for your business by augmenting Informatica's offering.


Operationalizing data governance can be a long drawn process that involves multiple layers of investment, skill development, regular calibration, and cultural change. Hence,  your indecision about committing to an enterprise-wide data governance framework is understandable and justified. But data governance is vital to any data-driven activity, and you cannot ignore it for long. The data governance starter pack by Informatica is a response to this problem.

What distinguishes a data governance starter pack from any other data governance program is the speed and relative ease of implementation. An agile, bite-sized solution can help an organization get started with data governance and acquire their first few use cases without investing so heavily as to create a burden on themselves.

The Incept approach    

We have designed an Informatica-based DG starter pack and time-boxed it. We help an organization accomplish its first use case with a limited number of resources in 12 weeks. We have created a cookie-cutter solution that attacks the most valuable business problems. 

What we do differently

We enter our clients’ business environment and ask relevant questions to understand their problems and desires. We identify certain business problems and rank them in terms of value and complexity. Our data governance and technology implementation teams are adept in making the computations required to map these business problems. We leverage a strict methodology to derive timely results.  

This exercise helps us determine the factors that would lead a business to its first use case. It also aids our choice of tools for the purpose.

While we help you determine the probable use cases and make suggestions, we never fail to prioritize your business goals.

Opening new vistas for your business

Establishing a robust data governance framework paves the path to consistent data quality. With controlled and secured access it becomes easier to query and analyze data. Opportunities open up for a range of data-driven activities, from visualizing descriptive data to deploying machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics. 

Incept’s data governance starter pack functions as a launchpad for all your data-centric missions.  


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