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May 8, 2014
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May 9, 2021
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Data governance and data management frameworks require meticulous effort for implementation and maintenance. Here are some insights into various aspects of data governance, management, and data quality that you can benefit from.


Maximizing the value of data has made a robust data management system essential. Complying with regulatory requirements and policies is mandatory. Manual data management is unlikely to live up to the demands of the time.

Getting a data management framework up and running takes more than just buying a cloud based data management solution. An unplanned approach towards a data management program can hinder scalability. 

Incept brings decades of combined experience with data management tools and technologies to bear when implementing data management frameworks.

  • Strategize and implement a data management solution aligned with your specific business needs
  • Integrate siloed business processes to increase transparency of data across the organization
  • Create and monitor data quality rules throughout business processes
  • Learn to democratize data and spread data literacy across the company

Master data management

Success in personalized customer services, vendor management, financial transparency, regulatory compliance, secure and controlled data access, all trace back to successful master data management. Ensure data consistency, quality and accuracy across the enterprise with tailor made master data management capabilities with Incept. 

Data quality

Data quality determines the strength of the connection between collectible data and actionable insights. A piece of data in context that is fit for the intended purpose is considered to be good data. But it is also important to make sure that the quality of data is consistent across different systems. A robust data management system helps you maintain data quality across all business processes. 

Enterprise Catalog

Maintain an inventory of data assets to democratize data, provide a holistic picture of data for stakeholders, increase the trust of your data to make better decisions, strengthen your compliance directives, and move faster from concept to data products and key business reports.

Strategy & Use Case Definition

Assess your data governance challenges, program goals and engage the organization

You need to begin your Data Governance initiative, but where to start?

  • Improve regulatory reporting and compliance with privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA)
  • Enhance capabilities to acquire or develop new data assets for richer analytical insights
  • Increase data consistency through better management of reference data

All solid choices with an opportunity to add value to your organization. The next step is to demonstrate some return (ROI) on these choices. Our knowledge of leading data governance technologies, the process to plan for and implement these technology solutions, and pitfalls teams commonly encounter can help you arrive at an objective starting point. We employ use case questionnaires and feature functionality scoring to rank potential initiatives by value-added and implementation complexity.


The Data Strategy Playbook

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